I’ve been somewhat distracted by my COAPE coursework, as I get my teeth into the final module. Writing up of two case studies from the shelter I volunteer at. Case studies sounds so clinical, they are both such lovely dogs needing homes that can offer them the right mix of

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Bonus Training Opportunities

With the rebuilding of the kitchen half way through, and all the coming and going of the relevant trades, it’s been an unexpected training opportunity for Zeke at home. Firstly, I never realised how the impact of changing one room would ripple through the house! It’s organised chaos, if that

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Growing Up

Zeke is 18 months old, time is flying by. We’ve ramped up new activity, I don’t need to worry (so much) about his growing bones. I mentioned nose work, and a scent work taster. He picked it up very quickly, had a fab time, and slept all the way home

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Summer Time

Gosh it’s been hot. It’s probably the time not to have an all black dog either, although to be fair to him, Zeke is sensible. We should have attended our final training class last night, but I cancelled as it seems that despite 26c temperatures, the class was going ahead.

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Training Classes… Revisited

Things have been busy. I have some time off work and I’m trying to catch up on all those things that seem to pop up with alarming regularity. We’ve also signed up for a repeater set of dog training classes, which may seem odd given I’m a trainer and a

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Who to Trust?

Nutritious, or not. As part of my prep for module 5 (the COAPE course I’m doing) I’ve been reading around nutrition. What a minefield! I know people have preferences based on their own experiences, but wow so many people with so many contrasting views telling others what to think. Most

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Hello, we’re back…

The Dogmatise site has been going through some updates, so I’ve taken time out from posting. There are still some updates to do and once I work out how to do it.. hopefully I’ll be able to add some pictures and video links. Zeke is continuing to mature, at 16

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Off Lead

We booked a slot at The Larches Paw Paddock for this afternoon, the last one of the day. I particularly like the Meadow, as you can see the sun setting over the Bristol Channel. Zeke had a wonderful time, exploring everything as if it was the first time. With all

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Emergency Stop!

Zeke and I started on this over six months ago, gradually building distance between us. He is such a quick learner that he had it cracked at home pretty quickly. After a couple of months in the paw paddock, and combined with wait (bit of creative license here) with lots

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