Hello, we’re back…

The Dogmatise site has been going through some updates, so I’ve taken time out from posting. There are still some updates to do and once I work out how to do it.. hopefully I’ll be able to add some pictures and video links.

Zeke is continuing to mature, at 16 months old he remains full of bounce and enthusiasm. Lots of time at the paw paddock, nose work, and training. I’ve been on leave for a couple of weeks so he’s had a change in his usual routine.

We went away for Zeke’s first proper holiday with family in the Brecon Beacons. We stayed in a rented dog friendly barn conversation with a large secure garden. Zeke is popular with my nieces, and it was good to see how he gradually relaxed around them, with bonus training sessions in lots of scenarios too. Zeke did get a bit frisky with my BiL, but we developed a strategy to distract him before he made his move.

As we explored the outdoors, it was super helpful to have family walking with us to providing a buffer between other dogs and Zeke. We’ve progressed to occasional cheese, and full credit to Zeke, he walked beautifully past other dogs. Some people noticed he was on a lead, and popped a lead on their dog/s as we passed. A few didn’t, but Zeke continued to walk along. Such a good boy. Teaching your dog to focus on you is important, and whilst socialisation is important too there’s a time and a place.

All the ‘settle’ work we’ve done has also paid dividends. We found a very busy Lounges bar for lunch, a known dog friendly chain in Bristol. Zeke was so good by/under the table licking his Kong, watching all the other dogs.

I’m due to start module 5 of the COAPE Diploma next month, we’ll be covering Behavioural pharmacology, sex and hormones. dietary influences on behaviour, and diet manipulation. As you know from previous posts about Truly, I have a particular interest in how food can heal and how important nutrition is.

I’ve also started my case studies for module 6. The senior behaviourist at the rehoming centre (where I volunteer) has allocated me six great dogs to work with, in the hope I will have two full cases to report on. If they’re all rehomed as I go, I’ll manage with what I collate. Can’t get in the way of them going home, in fact I hope the focused work helps them find one faster. It’s such a fab team there, I love going.

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