I’ve been feeding Zeke his new foods on a slow feed platter, it’s a great way to see what he likes most. I lay the food out as per the picture, instead of it all being piled into his bowl so he can choose.

I find it hypnotic watching him eat, methodically working his way around the plate. Can I assume what he eats first he likes most? He eats all of it. But I find when he has cooked fish and mussels, those go first. That could be novelty, rather than a scientific analysis of preference!

Scent work

I mentioned last year we started scent classes, then I injured myself so we had to pause for a while. Bank Holiday Monday we went to a workshop run by someone I know from volunteering, and it was such a good class. Zeke was straight back into the groove, and I could hear his nose working overtime. The workshop was structured around solving a mystery the humans had to solve too, based on the clues the dogs scented out.

What I love about scent work particularly, is that it’s Zeke working at his own pace and sniffing for himself. As you know I tend to hide Ratty for him to find, which he fully engages in. The classes are a little more structured, and we have to take turns, with him resting in the car before each go. But his focus is amazing, even if I say so myself.

Today, he has flopped. After our walk this morning, he’s taken himself off to his bed and I can see him lying on his back fast asleep.

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I’ve been feeding Zeke his new foods on a slow


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