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I’ve been feeding Zeke his new foods on a slow feed platter, it’s a great way to see what he likes most. I lay the food out as per the picture, instead of it all being piled into his bowl so he can choose. I find it hypnotic watching him eat, methodically working his way around the plate. Can I assume what he eats first he likes most? He eats all of it. But I find when he has cooked fish and mussels, those go

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Feathers, Sugars, and Yeast

I’ve been on a journey with Zeke’s diet. I want to share the path we’ve followed to get where we are now, in case any


I’ve done it🥳. I’m a COAPE Certified Animal Behaviourist, and a MHERA™ Practitioner. Hands down the best course I’ve ever done. The tutors are amazing

Walking Nicely

I try to spend one of our daily walks giving Zeke practice in walking nicely on the lead, interspersed with free sniffing opportunities of course.

Winter Time

After two weeks of rain I’m very happy to have a respite from the mud! Prefilled watering cans with warm water by the door to


About Me

I’m a qualified dog trainer, but the primary purpose of this blog isn’t about training. The aim of this blog is to share what I’ve learnt from my own dogs over the years, and if it helps you in any way with yours then that would be a great outcome.

If you want further information on a topic, please contact me and I will endeavour to point you in the most appropriate direction.