Planning and Prevention

My final rescue centre case study is written, and kitchen table finally clear with my 29 behaviour books packed away. I’m not even going to think how much I’ve spent on books, but I have them for future reference at least. Psychopharmacology was probably my least favourite subject, but it has all been worth it, every single moment. The course isn’t complete yet, I have to wait for my final marks, and then the formal graduation.

Zeke and I have been catching up on skills training, and I have more time now to take him off on lots of new scent trails. This week I needed a break from the unrelenting mud, so I went out for a pre walk and laid a partial scent trail for Zeke, hiding his beloved Ratty in a carpark bush. You’d expect me to say this, but he was amazing. When we stepped into the carpark, he must have air scented Ratty as he was straight to him. He was so proud of himself that he carried Ratty the rest of the walk. After breakfast he crashed out fast asleep, and I didn’t hear a peep from him for over three hours.

While our companion animals love the excitement, we need to give time and space to rest too. A quiet space they are already comfortable in, where you can set up a den? We’re not looking to ‘shut them off’ or cause stress. A door gate is also fine. Any space that enables them to settle. Zeke still uses his massive crate to settle, I only close the door when someone he doesn’t know visits. After his treat, I soon hear him snoring. If you can pre freeze some filled Kongs, licki mat, or an appropriate safe chew. A place to settle will also come in handy as the safe den for the next round of fireworks.

I won’t dwell on foods to be cautious with, as you can read about toxins yourself. Please be aware though, despite your best intentions it only takes a moment of distraction. A friend’s dog ended up at the emergency Vet after she ate half the box of chocolates he was mid wrapping. Cardboard, paper, and the foil too. He went to the door for a parcel delivery.. Thankfully he knew the danger and scooped her up, calling the vet whilst driving there. She was back to her bouncy self after a few days of rest, and he had a Vet bill he hadn’t planned for.

Stay safe, and best wishes for lovely Christmas.

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