Winter Time

After two weeks of rain I’m very happy to have a respite from the mud! Prefilled watering cans with warm water by the door to wash Zeke off, a good towelling, a trail of towels across the floor, and I still found puddy footprints through the house.

I’m a fan of Pet Rebellion floor runners, they’re washable, non-slip and don’t mark your flooring. I invested in three more at Christmas, and they still have a sale as I type this.

I also found that Zeke’s paws were feeling rough, which could be to the salted pavements, or increased path walking. I did post this on Instagram, but I thought Dorwest’s Nose and Paw Balm was fantastic. Clean feet before bed, I applied a light layer to his pads and in the morning they were 90% improved.

I’m often asked why Zeke doesn’t wear a coat when it’s cold outside, and I know lots of people wonder whether they should invest in one. Zeke does have a towelling coat I use to mop up any damp after a wet walk, and he has a fleece coat I use if we’ve been out at the paddock. Because he’s been running around, and even though I give him time to warm up when we get there and time to cool down before leaving (ie. using his long line), I put a coat on him in the car so he doesn’t cool off too quickly.

As a Labrador he has a double coat. He’s young and fit, when on a sniffy walk around where we live, he doesn’t really need one. If it was freezing and dangerously icy, I would stick to the garden and activity at home anyway. More for my safety, no broken bones for me thank you!  

The PDSA has some helpful info on dog coats, including how to measure for one.

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Winter Time

After two weeks of rain I’m very happy to have


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