Who to Trust?

Nutritious, or not.

As part of my prep for module 5 (the COAPE course I’m doing) I’ve been reading around nutrition. What a minefield! I know people have preferences based on their own experiences, but wow so many people with so many contrasting views telling others what to think. Most not qualified in nutrition either.

In my research I also read some pretty judgemental comments written by clinical veterinary staff about their clients. (Note I do not support any kind of abuse directed at any clinician, or anyone else). But I wonder if they consider that posting these comments so publically undermines trust, and drives a wedge between clients and the veterinary sector. This lack of trust often manifesting itself when decisions need to be made about treatment. Trust (or lack of) takes a very long time to build, but can be swept away in a careless unguarded comment.

Anyway, back to the food itself. What is apparent is how the dog food industry has been influenced (infiltrated?) by pharmaceutical companies. Not only how expensive these medicalised options are, but how unappetising they look. I was advised to feed Truly food prescribed by the vet in the early days of her ‘IBD’, but when I researched the novel protein it was made from I pretty quickly did my own research.

Last night I read about legumes in dog food, Zeke’s prepared raw has peas in it… which then sent me down the aforementioned social media rabbit hole. Zeke loves dog appropriate fruit and veg, I add to bring variety to his diet. He also has cold pressed food for his wobble Kong, and other enrichment toys. He is thriving, he’s at his target weight, loves his food and most importantly he’s happy and healthy.

I’m going to leave the peas until I understand more… and I’m going to take a balanced approach, advised by people who know what they’re talking about.

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