Off Lead

We booked a slot at The Larches Paw Paddock for this afternoon, the last one of the day. I particularly like the Meadow, as you can see the sun setting over the Bristol Channel. Zeke had a wonderful time, exploring everything as if it was the first time.

With all my previous dogs I’ve been happy to let them play on a line (if not off lead) in open spaces, but I’m no longer comfortable. Everywhere we go there seem to be dogs off lead with zero recall, and their humans don’t seem to care that they are bothering my dog. Thank goodness for places we can book.

On a more positive note, Zeke’s recall was 100%. He was without his line, with dogs in the next paddock (you can only hear them, there’s netting over the fences), lots of nice wee-mails to check.

We still have lots to do to remind him other dogs don’t automatically mean play time, Zeke still gets so excited if he spots a neighbour. We’ll get there though, he’s such a star pupil.

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