Emergency Stop!

Zeke and I started on this over six months ago, gradually building distance between us. He is such a quick learner that he had it cracked at home pretty quickly. After a couple of months in the paw paddock, and combined with wait (bit of creative license here) with lots of distractions at the side of the road.

Being able to stop Zeke on cue is so important, it needs to work on the pavement (shattered glass on the ground), in a field (a deer popping out of a hedge – yes that happened with Jake once), on the beach (motorbikes in the sand dunes) and by a busy road (slipped lead).

I should probably record Zeke to demonstrate it, but until I sort out the ability to film and train, I’m going to share a link to Steve Mann teaching you. It’s on YouTube here

Top tips: you might want to practice your aim first, and use treats that you can throw safely and accurately…


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