Happy New Year

Here we are already, 2023. And Zeke is one years old! Where does the time go.

We met with family for our rearranged Covid interrupted Christmas lunch. It was a lovely country pub in Bromsgrove. Zeke was the best boy ever. Yes, he was very animated when we arrived, even though I had taken him for a walk with lots of opportunity to sniff before family arrived.

We’d reserved a table tucked away in a corner. I had Zeke’s bed from his car crate, and lots for him to do. It took him about 45 mins to get through his frozen cooked sweet potato and tuna filled Kong, he then had his favourite toys and despite lots of interest in what was going on, he was so good and I was very proud. Mission accomplished.

Onto the next training challenge, whilst we keep practicing pub lunches, coffee shops, cafes etc.

Until next time




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