I’d like to talk about the American XL Bully, if you are happy to indulge me. You probably already know that the American XL Bully isn’t a specific breed. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Taking my Zeke as a well-established KC breed example, there is a breed

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Tough Times

I do listen to the radio most mornings, and I’m a big fan of BBC Sounds as the range of podcasts are amazing. I also listen to a digital music service that has a library of fantastic trainers and behaviourists that share the same values, Victoria Stillwell is one. At

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Helping Out

As I’ve mentioned a few times already… I’m currently studying animal behaviour. In support of this, I’ve become a behaviour volunteer at a Bristol rehoming centre. It’s only three hours once a week, but it’s tremendously rewarding. I’m aware each rehoming centre has a different catchment area, and that means

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Since Covid-19 descended on us all, I’ve not been able to volunteer with dogs. As I’m now double jabbed and volunteers can apply again… I registered as a volunteer with Dogs Trust last month. After a comprehensive induction, a health and safety briefing and an interesting presentation on dog behaviour,

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