Helping Out

As I’ve mentioned a few times already… I’m currently studying animal behaviour. In support of this, I’ve become a behaviour volunteer at a Bristol rehoming centre. It’s only three hours once a week, but it’s tremendously rewarding.

I’m aware each rehoming centre has a different catchment area, and that means they take into their care animals with a range of needs. Some animals are strays, so their background isn’t clear. Some have been given up due to a change in household circumstances. Some have been taken into care, pending investigations. What is common, is how hard the centres work to look after them.

They all work from generous public donations, and in order to fill gaps in what they need, many have dedicated Amazon accounts set up for you select from items they’ve pre-registered. Things such as interactive toys, slow feeders, food, treats, toys, all sorts!

Bristol ARC maintains a list on Amazon, but I also know they’ve also recently asked on social media for blankets ahead of the colder nights.

If you are able and want to support, it’s always worth checking what your local rehoming centre might need.

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