It’s Come to Cheese

A tube of Primula Original Cheese to be precise.

Zeke loves all living things. All the work I’ve put into making sure he’s ready for the big wide world, getting used to the sights and sounds of life has paid dividends. He loves people and dogs and cats and squirrels so much he wants to say hello to all of them. Which would be fine, except that the big dose of testosterone he has floating around his adolescent body is making him so much stronger too. Great for Zeke, not so much for me if he’s not listening. He’s learnt that I will steer him away if he shows too much interest in something. He worked out that if he walks calmly past whatever is interesting, he could then leap out from behind me as they pass. Not funny for me, or for them.

Cue the Primula. In very small doses.

In busy areas I now walk with an open tube in my hand, ready to go. As soon as people with or without dogs are passing, I offer the tube to Zeke for him to lick. Bingo. Cheese plays top trumps, for now anyway.

We’re travelling to meet family for a pub lunch next month, Zeke has been to a cafe garden many times, as well as garden centres. But never in a pub full of other people, also with the unpredictability of unknown dogs. I know I need to rehearse this well in advance, so as soon as my assignment is submitted this weekend, we’re heading to a pub. With a blanket as he does know how to settle, and I’ll arm myself with a filled Kong, a tube of Primula, his Wobbly Kong, a Yak bar, and anything else I can think of!

Until next time



ps. As with all new foods introduce gradually whilst observing good food hygiene. Always check with a professional or with your Vet practice if you aren’t sure.



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