Black Dog Friday

Slow Dog Movement renamed Black Friday, and shared photos of back dogs. Love it. 😍

We are of course a black dog household every day. Zeke is only slow with sniffing, but definitely pro-choice. His coat is so glossy and shiny, his food and treats must be agreeing with him.

On the subject of coats, I have noticed a phenomenal amount of black dog hairs gather wherever Zeke lays. With the amount the vacuum picks up every day, Zeke should be bald! Truly blew her coat twice a year, handfuls in the brush every day. Jake shed through the year, and Leo not really noticeable.

Leo’s coat was clipped twice a year, so for me aside from making sure his ears were brushed underneath, tail feathers clear of twigs and things, and making sure his big Springer Spaniel ears were kept clean, he was probably ‘fairly’ low maintenance coat wise.

Zeke is due a bath, but with the amount of mud he gathers every day, I keep delaying. My kitchen looks like a wet towel reunion, I tend to buy them in bulk (dark colours work best), and have a laundry bag to wash them in. As soon as there’s gap in the rain, out they go on the line outside.

We’re still working with the cheese distraction, whilst also improving eye contact. I’m very happy with his progress, he’s such a good boy.

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