Tough Times

I do listen to the radio most mornings, and I’m a big fan of BBC Sounds as the range of podcasts are amazing. I also listen to a digital music service that has a library of fantastic trainers and behaviourists that share the same values, Victoria Stillwell is one.

At the moment a lot of people are struggling, and this will clearly impact companion animals, whether they are dogs, cats, small furies, or those that require heat lamps.

Last weekend I looked around my local area online. I re tweeted Bristol ARC’s appeal for blankets and bedding. There’s a page on their website to make a cash donation (as with most animal charity sites), but they also have a dedicated Amazon page to donate specific items to help with the increase in animals given up for rehoming.

You don’t have to give cash if you want to help. If you’re on social media you can share local appeals, buy your cards and wrapping paper from charity shops, hold a fundraiser in your work place, do a sponsored activity in the New Year, or even volunteer in your local food bank or animal shelter – btw you don’t have to handle the animals in a shelter, there are volunteers helping out in the laundry room for example, keeping on top of all the towels, blankets and bedding the dogs and cats use daily.

Volunteering is personally rewarding too, and you meet lovely likeminded people that makes you feel better about the world afterwards. Plus, you gain the bonus boost of happy brain chemicals dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and if you’re exerting yourself physically you get a hit of endorphins too… ooh I’m definitely learning from my COAPE course 😆

I write all the time about Zeke and the care I give him, but there are things you can do to keep your animal family in tip top condition over the longer term. Helping to keep them healthy and active, as with humans, reducing the effect of long-term health conditions and extra trips to the Vet. The Blue Cross have a page dedicated to this here.

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