Getting Ready

Zeke and I have been working hard on saying hello in a calm way, and yes, I am talking about Zeke on this occasion 😆

The cheese paste is helping enormously with unknown people and dogs. If he sees someone approaching, he looks straight at me for the cheese, which is exactly what I want. With other dogs, if he knows them it can be hit and miss, if he doesn’t then the cheese wins. At the moment my priority is getting us through the family lunch in an unfamiliar location with lots of people and possibly other dogs there! I’ll let you know how it goes, at least afterwards we can carry on working on everything else.

As previously written, I’m a behaviour volunteer in a rehoming centre. Each week is different but the same. I don’t think it’s possible to stay emotionally detached, and I do have my favourites. But I can see the animals there are well cared for, even if a home would be so much better for them. I often think about their little faces, happy to be training and doing new activities.

There’s no danger of me growing my dog family at the moment though, Zeke is an intact male and will be for another 7-12 months yet.

Until next time




I’ve been feeding Zeke his new foods on a slow


I’ve done it🥳. I’m a COAPE Certified Animal Behaviourist, and

Winter Time

After two weeks of rain I’m very happy to have


I’d like to talk about the American XL Bully, if