Best Laid Plans

Of all the times to test positive, it had to be last weekend. On the day we were due to meet with family, the snow had stuck overnight so Zeke and I walked up to the main road to check all was clear, which it was.

I’d had a cold the previous week, and a bit of a cough. We do tend to test before we meet up, and I was going through the motions if I’m honest, so I was very shocked to see two chunky lines on my test results. So that was that. Family lunch and a trip to a new paw paddock postponed until after Christmas.

I work at home anyway, and other than out walking Zeke for his usual walks, this is where we’ve been. I did wonder if Zeke could catch it, but we have our own spaces to sleep, we don’t share food, and I’m not a fan of face licking, so it was low risk.

Zeke has had a fab time in the snow though, and I’ve definitely enjoyed the lack of mud and wet towels. But I’ll be glad when things return to a more normal routine.

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