Since Covid-19 descended on us all, I’ve not been able to volunteer with dogs. As I’m now double jabbed and volunteers can apply again… I registered as a volunteer with Dogs Trust last month.

After a comprehensive induction, a health and safety briefing and an interesting presentation on dog behaviour, I started my first shift. Wearing a bright volunteer tab top, carrying a walky-talky, dog lead, poo bags and some treats, I started my first shift. I’ve found I need to wear a lot of pockets to carry everything around, my treat pouch just isn’t big enough! And also to take waterproofs, dry socks and a change of shoes.

I’m offering one morning a week, as I can’t leave Jake and Truly for too long. I also work around my day job. But after only three sessions I’m really enjoying it. Shouldn’t really be a surprise given it involves dogs and like-minded people! I’m not in a position to take on another dog given Truly’s condition, which is probably not a bad thing. There are so many lovely dogs.

I’m doing all sorts when I’m there, walking dogs and helping out with their care. The Dogs Trust team have been so welcoming and appreciative. I thoroughly recommend registering if you live near to a centre, you can find out more here

National Dog Survey

Dogs Trust have a national dog survey underway, they’re researching the impact of the pandemic on our dogs. You can take the survey here.

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