Dementia Routine

Since Truly’s diagnosis I’ve continued to research all I can do to help her feel comfortable, and soften the impact of what’s happening to her.

We’re still walking three times a day. Exercise is important for all dogs, but particularly in Truly’s case to increase the blood flow to her brain. I’ve read that it helps ease the symptoms of dementia. It also helps tire her out, to improve her (and my) sleep at night.

Regarding diet, both Jake and Truly are already on a raw diet. Dried food isn’t helpful, and feeding her across the day helps keep her tummy feeling full. I’ve also found giving her a small snack to help her settle before bed is working too. Fish oils are recommended, but she has Aktivait daily already and she loves her fish treats, so I haven’t added more.

Rescue Remedy was suggested to me too, but when I researched on their website they advised it wasn’t suitable for animals. There is however a ‘pet remedy’. But to be honest I will always check with our Vet before changing or adding to Truly’s treatment, and likewise I recommend you do too. Natural doesn’t always mean safe.

Another interesting related topic is fluorescent lighting. It apparently emits a high-pitched hum that dogs can hear, including dogs who seem to be somewhat deaf (Jake). I only have one in the kitchen, so I’ve stopped using that just in case. I can only imagine how irritating it would be if I could hear a high-pitched hum all the time! Ditto plug in fresheners. Personally I find them a tad overpowering, and if a dog’s nose is 100,000 to 1 million times more sensitive than ours, I can’t imagine they like them either!

Overall, Truly is calmer. This might be because I feel calmer too. Perhaps initially she was picking up on my feelings about her diagnosis and it was unsettling her. There are still times when she seems to be anxious, for instance when she finds herself stuck in the corner of a room. But I calmly steer her to her bed or out into the garden, gently explaining what I’m doing. The sound of my voice seems to soothe her.

I know things are heading in one direction, but for now both Jake and Truly are comfortable. They enjoy their walks, food, treats and fuss. We can only continue to take one day at a time.

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