Did you know that utility companies are permitted to dig up pavements right next to your house (and block your driveway overnight) without giving you any formal notice? And in this case, not even the courtesy of knocking on the door the day before to let you know.

Yesterday morning I left Jake and Truly settled in peace and quiet, and came home to chaos outside. Inside the house both were visibly stressed, and Truly so much so that she’d wet her bed and emptied her bowels across the room. Truly was so unsettled she paced all night again, something she hasn’t done for a while.

I’m kicking myself for not finding the contractor and asking when they planned to make all the noise, I had noticed earlier in the week that the pavement had been spray marked. All this disruption is apparently for a TV media company who assume we want their services. If their sales people contact me, I will be giving them some feedback! 😳

Thankfully, today I’ve been home all day. In between bursts of work on my laptop, I’ve kept them occupied with filled Kongs, search games, and snuffle mats. Peace reigns and after 24 hours Jake and Truly are settled again. Here’s to a better night’s sleep.

Hope you have a peaceful weekend too.

Until next time



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