Autumn Walks

After my grumpy blog last week I thought I’d return to a more upbeat posting about Jake and Truly.

We’ve definitely noticed the darker and cooler mornings. We’re back to coats and wellies for me, and drying wet towels after walks for Jake and Truly.

Even though it’s cooler, we’re still wary of uninvited guests. I tend to give Jake and Truly herbal drops in their food to repel fleas and ticks. I also proactively use (dog safe) herbal spray behind their beds, in their car crates, and various other places they like to lounge. You really can’t beat a daily whizz around with the vacuum for prevention too. Fingers crossed this continues to keep us flea and tick free!

With the cooler weather it’s good to protect your dog’s joints by helping them with a warm-up walk, before allowing them to have their zoomies around the field or park. Just with humans, it can prevent injuries too.

Arthritis isn’t just for ‘old’ dogs. If you notice your dog takes longer to get up, walks stiffly and occasionally limps, doesn’t keep up with you on walks, licks any of their joints excessively, or, grumpy and growly behaviour, can all be a sign of joint pain. If any of these apply to your dog, it may be time to have a chat with your Vet.

There are things we can do to help prevent or slow down the impact of arthritis. Staying at target weight, supplementing their diets with joint protecting foods, as well as proving them with consistent daily exercise can all help.

You can read more about arthritis and dogs here. 

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