Summer Time

Gosh it’s been hot. It’s probably the time not to have an all black dog either, although to be fair to him, Zeke is sensible.

We should have attended our final training class last night, but I cancelled as it seems that despite 26c temperatures, the class was going ahead. I thought it was unfair to put Zeke in a hot car, take him into a hot stuffy hall, and expect him to concentrate. To be honest, I wasn’t too keen myself.

I’ve booked Zeke a 121 scent taster class next month, where he’ll get to try a range of activities to see what he responds. I’m interested in doing a course next year with The College of Scent Dogs, but I want to be sure Zeke is interested first. That’ll be after I finish my COAPE Diploma, of course!

My penultimate module is about psychopharmacology, sex and hormones. dietary influences on behaviour, and diet manipulation. The Pharmacology was initially intimidating (the books are very clinical as you would expect), but I’m really enjoying it. Deadlines are July, but I’m on track to complete my assignments in good time.

Recommended to me was The Forever Dog, by Rodney Habib and Dr Karen Shaw Becker. I love this book. Not only do I feel like I’ve found the most amazing reference book, but it feels like a whole new level of support for the things I’ve been doing instinctively with my own dogs over the years. It’s no secret that all medicine has become more and more clinical, and yes there is a place for that. But as Vets would probably agree, many conditions are preventable. As with humans, maintaining a target weight and building healthy habits from an early age is key.

Most of my dogs have enjoyed some veg, but Zeke thrives on it. He’ll happily eat carrots, strawberries, apples, banana, and blueberries all day, but I do restrict the fruit. He also loves (cooked) sweet potato with some tuna in a Kong, with lightly steamed broccoli and green beans, and peas with his food. The only veg he won’t eat is celery, he will play with it…taking it into the garden and rolling over it on his back 🙄 but I have to pick it up afterwards. PDSA have advice on what’s safe to feed if you aren’t sure.

Yes I do invest a lot of time and effort, but I think it’s a small price to pay to give Zeke a healthy long life.

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