Growing Up

Zeke is 18 months old, time is flying by.

We’ve ramped up new activity, I don’t need to worry (so much) about his growing bones. I mentioned nose work, and a scent work taster. He picked it up very quickly, had a fab time, and slept all the way home from Worcester!

I’ve been looking at ways to improve Zeke’s skills, whilst keeping it fun for Zeke. Because for him, it’s all about play. Here he is this morning, looking a bit puffed out, I’ve been using this rope toy for him to find, since Ratty got taken off in the wind and is stuck behind the prickly bushes.

I’ve also been digesting The Forever Dog, and consequently made some additional tweaks to his diet. I’ve recently integrated Keepers Mix into his meals too. NB Check with your Vet before adding supplements if your dog is on medication.

I’ve been a bit lax posting because I’ve been diligently working on my module 5 assignment, now submitted. As I head towards the finish line, I have two case studies to complete, both are awaiting rehoming where I volunteer. I’ve been working with them since early this year, and filling my phone with lots of videos. As much as I’d love to bring them all home, I need to focus on Zeke. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

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