Bonus Training Opportunities

With the rebuilding of the kitchen half way through, and all the coming and going of the relevant trades, it’s been an unexpected training opportunity for Zeke at home.

Firstly, I never realised how the impact of changing one room would ripple through the house! It’s organised chaos, if that isn’t too much of an oxymoron. Gone to charity shops are the back of cupboard items as, after all, who actually needs 11 water bottles, and 26 mugs? Going forward a strict one in one out policy will be implemented. 😂 No, I don’t believe that either.

The door (aka stair) gates are invaluable with people coming and going, in case Zeke managed to slip out onto the road, or poke his nose where he shouldn’t. But they also help form a barrier to avoid rehearsing jumping up in excitement. To be fair, all the trades have been mostly dog people, and only say hello to Zeke when he’s four paws on the ground and calm (ish).

Despite all the boxes of new items, I’ve managed to keep a suitable space for Zeke’s day bed and crate for him to retreat to. And we tend to escape upstairs when things are really busy or noisy. But fair play to Zeke, not so much as a bark or a whine throughout. And, the real bonus, he’s realised nothing exciting happens so he relaxes and goes to sleep. Big win in my eyes.   

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