Autumn Walks

As the seasons change it’s lovely to get out into the autumn sunshine, ideally without the mud! As you consider your dog walks too, I wanted to let you know how I keep Jake and Truly safe out and about. This isn’t intended to put you off enjoying your walks, but to provide some precautions and things to be aware of.

I think most people are aware that acorns and conkers are not safe for dogs. Conkers are a choking hazard, especially for young dogs who are still exploring the world. Keep an eye out for oak trees too, acorns have a chemical called tannic acid and if ingested by dogs can cause damage to their liver and kidneys.

Mushrooms and toadstools can also be toxic to dogs (and humans), I’ve never seen Jake or Truly try to eat them but it’s clearly worth keeping an eye out where you play or picnic in case they accidently pick them up.

Autumn leaves whilst great fun to run through, if they’ve been on the ground for a while can carry mould and bacteria. Another consideration in the woods is an illness called ‘canine seasonal disease’. You can find out more here and what to do here. 

Another condition associated with woodland walks is ‘Alabama Rot’, you may have heard about this one on the news. You can read up about it here – please be aware before clicking on the link that there are graphic photos on the first page. The link provides more in-depth advice and guidance, including a map showing reported cases in the UK.

Jake and Truly aren’t able to go on long walks nowadays, but when they did I would always take water to drink with us, as well as water and a towel to rinse and dry their paws after walks.

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