The relentless round of fireworks starting at Halloween and continuing until New Year have already started. Unfortunately, with the random nature of fireworks nowadays it makes it more difficult to know when they will occur.

During the firework season I tend to make sure Jake and Truly are exercised and fed by late afternoon. I close all the curtains and blinds, and sit with them watching TV to cover the noise. Jake sleeps through pretty much everything. Truly will look to Jake when there’s a big bang, but soon settles again.

If your dog is stressed by fireworks have a chat with your Vet. They have advice and a variety of options for you to try. You will need to start in advance, so probably best to have that chat soon.

If you want to read up on some general advice and guidance for dogs and fireworks you can find some here or for your cats here

Dogs Trust have a noise desensitisation programme you can work on with your dog. You’ll find everything you need via this link.

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