Happy Anniversary!

It’s a whole year since I published this website and my first blog! Fifty-two blogs, blimey. I had no idea I’d have so much to say, although clearly some may not be as surprised as I am 😊 Thank you for reading, I hope the topics have been helpful.

Aside from being another strange year Covid wise, it’s actually been great to be at home with Jake and Truly full time. So much so it’s something I’ve made permanent. I left my corporate job in Manchester end of last year, and since then I’ve been studying, blogging, training, and volunteering all things canine. As well as freelancing… to keep Jake and Truly in the lifestyle they’ve quite rightly become accustomed.

Having a dog family is everything to me. Of course, as with all aspects of life there are good days and not so good days. It is hard to watch them age or be unwell, but dogs live in the moment and all have taught me something. At various points in the past 30 years, my dog family has been with me through great times and sad times. Always greeting me with a happy wagging tail and a reassuring presence.

To date I’ve written about the things I ‘do’ with and for Jake and Truly. Going forward, I will try to explain more about ‘why and how’. About the environment I create to build a strong relationship. How I build trust with them, and for them with each other. Over the last thirty plus years this has been intuitive, but as I’ve studied more about canine behaviour I understand more.

If there are dog related topics you’d like me to talk about, please send me a message using the contact us link below.

Have a great weekend, may the fireworks be silent near your home too!

Until next time




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