I read that the late Queen had over 30 dogs in her lifetime. That’s phenomenal.

Zeke is my sixth dog. With Winston as my first dog in 1990, that’s 32 years! Where does the time go. I remember each and every one of my dogs, as if it was yesterday.

I’ve also thought about Zeke if something happened to me, my sister is my ICE contact in my phone, and whilst I don’t leave him often, I have a card in my purse that says I have a dog at home. His puppy contract says he must go back to the breeder if anything happens to me, so I know someone will be looking out for him. Sounds morbid, but it is reassuring.

With adopted dogs, you will have signed a contract saying that the dog goes back to them. For any dogs without a breeder or rehoming contract, you can register with Dogs Trust ‘lifetime of care’ scheme so that if you become very ill or pass away, Dogs Trust will care for your dog and find them a new home.

Zeke is laying at my feet as I type this. He’s zonked out after a trip to the paw paddock earlier. I’ve had a busy ten days with work and my course lectures, and very conscious he needed some off lead freedom to sniff, meander, and charge around at his own pace.

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Winter Time

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