Light time

Zeke had his six-month Vet check this week. He’s doing well (31kg) no he’s not overweight, but it was suggested I cut back his food by 10% as he enters the 9-12 month age band.

I’ve been conscious that puppies eat more when they’re growing so fast, and given we went through a phase of sickness before finding out the cause was chicken, I’ve been giving him lots of new choices to make up for lost time!

As puppies move off their puppy food, just as with children you have to introduce a range of new foods. With dogs you can’t chop and change, rather gradually introducing new foods so as not to cause them digestive issues. We keep within the same range and formula. He still loves his cold pressed food, so he has that for lunch. I’ve re-introduced pre prepared raw for breakfast and dinner, and a different option each meal. I always think that wouldn’t want to eat the same meal day in day out, so I don’t expect Zeke to! In the coming weeks I’ll wean him onto two meals, with a tasty chew for lunch instead.

Dark time

I don’t want to mention the W word, but I’ve definitely noticed the darker evenings. As Zeke is impossible to see in the dark (especially in the garden)  I’ve ordered him some lights to wear so that we can be seen out walking. There are so many scooters and bikes on the pavement nowadays, it’s sensible to make sure he’s visible.

Zeke now has his own LEUCHTIE chargeable LED light collar in bright orange. Jake and Leo had the same ones (a red one and a blue one), they are still working perfectly, but they’re just too small for Zeke!

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I’ve been feeding Zeke his new foods on a slow


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Winter Time

After two weeks of rain I’m very happy to have


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