Play Date Adventures

We have a great dog facility not too far away that you can book for sole use. It has two secure 2-acre dog walking fields, each surrounded by super high fencing.

The owners have clearly put a lot of thought into the design. Once you put that day’s passcode into the gate lock, you can drive into the space, lock the gate behind you, and let your dog out. All completely secure.

Within each field they provide an assortment of activities. Tyres to jump through, a sandpit, earth banks with tunnels, logs, and agility jumps. They provide a bin for dog poo, fresh water for thirsty dogs, as well as a shelter to sit down in.

Zeke and I have been twice this week. Once to practice recall, and he’s doing really well from a distance without dog distractions. Still some work to do with other dogs and people around.

The second time this week we met a friend and her Labrador. Cooper is why I decided on a black Lab when I was sought company for Truly. Such a lovely boy.

I put Zeke on a long line, and kept hold of his lead. I knew Zeke would be excited, which he was, but I had hoped he’d settle into walking calmly around the field. We didn’t achieve that this time. They were both quite hot as the sun decided to emerge while we were there. But they seemed to enjoy each other’s company, and there were no cross words between them.

I would never recommend leaving dogs to ‘sort themselves out’, they should be matched in temperament and personality. In this situation, Zeke is a puppy and his growth plates are still open (consequently, rough play can risk damage to his legs), Secondly, I didn’t want Zeke to annoy Cooper to the extent that he had to repeatedly tell him to back off, thus potentially spoiling any future friendship they may have.

Any telling off may also make Zeke wary of socialising with any other dog, and/ or feeling safe going back to the dog field again. Despite only being 18 months himself, Cooper was a star and very patient with Zeke, even with Zeke trying to lick him at every opportunity!

Zeke was shattered afterwards (as was I), but aside from his barky dreams he hardly moved for the rest of the evening. We do still have so much work to do, but I feel the luckiest person in the world to be on this journey with Zeke.

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