The Heat is Back

Blimey it’s been hot again. Daytimes aren’t ‘so’ bad, opening and closing windows and curtains as the sun tracks. Night time isn’t so easy as the air seems to stand still. I tend to put my windows on the security latch at night, which means not as much air circulating.

I resorted to my own tepid wet towel last night. Zeke has taken to pulling his damp towel across whichever bed he’s decided to rest in or on. His upstairs crate door is open at night nowadays, and he’s been so good! The first night I left it open he was staring at me with wide eyes, not really sure. Initially he lay in his crate with his head sticking out, then he was half in and half out. But now he picks either a bed near the fan, or one under the windows. I think he continues to feel secure in his crate, as when I wake in the morning he is often in there. When he wants to go out, which is usually bang on 5.40am, he can reach his head over the edge and he snuffles on me.

When I first left the door open, he was five months old. I thought he’d settled fine and was just dropping off to sleep myself when there was a loud crash as he landed on my head. I reverted to closing his crate door until a couple of weeks ago when we tried again. He’s been a star ever since.

We don’t yet have a hosepipe ban here, so I’ve continued with his paddling pool late evening to tire him out. He doesn’t have much water in it, and  I’m pretty sure he drinks most of it. But it gives him an outlet for his energy, given I can’t/won’t walk him in the heat.

Here’s a cooling guide for humans  for dogs for cats and wildlife.

Next week things are going to cool down, I think that’s good for all of us.

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