I really don’t understand on any level, why people think it’s okay to crop dog’s ears.

Aside from it being banned and illegal under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 (section five). It’s blatantly cruel and must be so painful. Often done to puppies. When I look at Zeke’s trusting face, I could cry thinking about the unnecessary suffering caused to these dogs. And for what?

There is no benefit to the dog. None. Nothing. Zero.

Dog use their ears to communicate.

If you’re asking how you can influence, there’s a campaign on social media called #CutTheCrop

Vets are being encouraged by the British Veterinary Association to report ear cropping to Trading Standards or Environmental Health Services (in England and Wales).

The Kennel Club have advice on what to do here.

RSPCA here.

Please, let’s stop this.

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