It’s Just Grass

The back garden looks like someone has randomly dropped grass killer around the lawn. I mean, it’s never been perfect, but I decided there’s clearly something extra strong in Zeke’s urine!

I am half joking, because it’s Zeke’s garden too. Truly used to mark the lawn, but she tended to go in the same place. Zeke goes everywhere! He does drink enough water, so it’s not that his urine is ‘too strong’.

Having read up on it, it’s apparently due to the nitrogen in his urine, produced from proteins being broken down in his body. This is what causes the grass to go brown. The bonus is that these nutrients will help the surrounding grass, but not on the landing spot, so it just doesn’t look that great.

I have seen rocks and powder you can give your dog, but that would be a definite no thank you from us. Ditto to lawn treatments, I don’t want chemicals on the grass for Zeke to sniff.

I did contemplate following him around the garden with the watering can, but decided that life is just too short.

It’s just grass after all.

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