Zeke has been travelling in the car in a crate on the back seat, I do have permanent crates in the very back, but they’re too big and far away for a puppy.

I bought a double Vario Cage for Jake and Truly when we commuted to Manchester every week. The crate I have is too big for a normal car, but have a look at the video and you will see why I rate them so highly.

Anyway, I’ve been gradually introducing Zeke to the crates by putting treats in one side for him to sniff out. Gradually building time between treats, closing the crate door and posting treats through the door. I’ve not got to closing the boot yet, or starting the engine, but by the time he’s big enough we’ll be sorted.

We travelled to the Vets last weekend for Zeke to be checked over. I reintroduced a small portion of his usual food, and he was sick again. I’ve since talked with a nutritionist, and she suggested trying something else that has all the nutrients he needs as a growing puppy. For now, he’s on chicken and mashed sweet potato, which he’s still enjoying! It’s not a forever food, as he’s not getting all of the nutrients he needs. But it’s giving his digestive system time to settle.

It’s good to be able to keep an eye on your dog food ingredients. My go-to site to look up dog food is this one.  Zeke’s Nutriment puppy food is rated 97%, so it scores highly, but that doesn’t mean it suits him at the moment. The new food we’re switching to, that I will very gradually phase him onto, scores 93%. It’s cold pressed not extruded, so we’ll see how he gets on. I’ll keep you posted!

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I’ve been feeding Zeke his new foods on a slow


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