Zeke loves his food. Yes, he is a Labrador, but he really does thrive on his four meals a day.

I haven’t moved him to three meals yet. Mainly because there’s no rush for convenience as I’m with him all day, but also because the amount of food he has is based on his weight, and I don’t think he’d fit 33% more in his tummy in one go quite yet! He is growing so fast though, and his coat is super shiny.

I’ve continued with the same food he was given by the breeder, Natural Instinct Puppy Raw Complete. It contains the high protein that puppies need, and is nutritionally balanced. Because to me the thought of having the same food every meal seems a tad boring, I try and vary his diet through his treats. Also helps keep him interested in training, especially out and about.

I’m planning a change when Zeke is six months though. I’ve been researching the same website I used to find Truly’s food, years ago. You can find it here. I will always maintain a really healthy diet for Zeke too, but I am wondering about the ties of frozen raw food when we go away. Healthy will always trump convenience, so I’ve been looking at cold pressed dehydrated foods for away from home, and back to raw when at home. You do have to be careful when introducing new food, and not chop and change, but you can read about that on the site.


It’s our last training class this week, we’re looking forward to putting everything together in our last session. I’ve seen a difference in Zeke’s confidence with puppies, he hadn’t met any since leaving his siblings, he is now much more tolerant. So that’s another tick in the desensitisation box, for this fear period anyway!

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I’ve been feeding Zeke his new foods on a slow


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