Training School Graduate

We completed the final week of our course last weekend. I have really enjoyed our classes together, spending quality time dedicated to training. It is very different when you’re training in a class with your own dog.

During the final session we completed Settle; Four paws on the floor (not jumping up); taking “Leave it” to the next level; Loose lead walking; and Recall.

I learnt that I still have two left feet, I can’t copy demonstrations, and I get dizzy looking down when doing lots of turns during loose lead walking! In my defence I was trying not to stand on Zeke, who still abruptly stops without warning.

I’m so proud of Zeke. He really was a pleasure to be with. Of course, he’s a puppy, so he has moments when everything is so exciting. I don’t mind that though, it was all a positive learning experience. Classes exposed him to new places, people and other puppies. He particularly loved the instructors, who were brilliant.

I know our learning journey has just started, and we still have lots to do over the coming months. I know I’m cautious and protective, but I want to protect him from exposure to dogs who through no fault of their own aren’t socialised, aren’t trained, and don’t know how to communicate with other dogs.

I hope to be able to go back to volunteering at Dogs Trust later this year, but at the moment Zeke is my priority.

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