Quiet Time

We’ve been practicing settling this week. Not only because I’ve had lots of virtual meetings, or that I need some peace myself from time to time, but because it’s part of our class homework.

Zeke sees his crate as a safe place and he will often take himself off to sleep there. When I’m home I leave his crate door open, but if I step away or pop out, I’ll settle him and close the door. Aside from the chewing destruction I may come home to (and consequently his personal safety), Zeke needs to be in a secure safe space.

I’ve just upgraded his crate to a bigger model. I’ve stuck with a Savic Residence as I find them to be good quality. They’re heavy, so I’m not sure I’d describe them as mobile, but they are really easy to put together. As it gets warmer weather, I’ll be switching his fleece bedding for cotton. He seems to enjoy making a nest to sleep in, and he’s so cute when he barks in his sleep.

Zeke already settles perfectly well on his day bed, and will lay there chewing a toy while watching me work at the kitchen table. As I’m not keen on lugging the day bed around everywhere we go, I’ve been using the training to get Zeke used to settling on different items. We’ve used a blanket, a pillow, a towel, one of my sweatshirts, a door mat, all sorts! I want him to be get used to settling as a state of mind, rather than associating it with a specific item.

We’re going back to the garden centre this weekend, a great place for new experiences, socialisation, and training opportunities. He’s still practicing four paws on the floor before saying hello, but he’s doing so well.

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