Olfactory Foraging

It’s true. Research published in 2019 on Science Direct, titled “Let me Sniff”, says that allowing dogs to practice nosework allows them to express a natural behaviour. I’m sure that’s not a total surprise to most of us with dogs! It says that nosework “induces positive judgement bias in pet dogs”. So, what does that mean?

We already know that allowing our dogs to behave naturally and make their own choices (as often as possible) are key factors in their welfare. The study concluded that allowing dogs to spend more time using their noses (olfaction) through regular nosework activity, makes them more optimistic. So… if we allow our dogs more ‘foraging’ time their welfare is improved. That’s great 😊

Day to day, I would translate this as giving your dog quality sniffing time. In the garden, or on your walks. Perhaps some search games outside, or in the house if the weather isn’t conducive. Try dog puzzles, or make one yourself. Leo loved a muffin tray with treats hidden under tennis balls. Easy to do.

Trust me, your dog will love you for it, and it’s another great way to build your relationship.

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