Keeping Occupied

It’s the first time in over 32 years I haven’t had a dog. It’s so quiet at home, at night I still listen out for both Jake and Truly. I’ve also noticed that when I leave the house, the pull to get home is still strong. Not wanting to leave them home alone for long.

I’ve been impressed by Truly’s insurance company, Bought by Many. When I had to advise them of her passing, the person handling my call was personable and caring. I knew they offered 24/7 video appointments with FirstVet, although thankfully I’ve always been able to speak with a Vet from our practice. But, I didn’t know that they’d also teamed up with Blue Cross to offer a pet bereavement support line. What a thoughtful offer. In tune with their customers during a difficult time. And, if I’m being business minded, much more likely to retain them in future. More on this in a future blog.

I’ve been keeping myself occupied by channelling my over active brain into my COAPE course work.  Three live online seminars this week, and two pre-recorded. So much valuable information and expertise from the tutors. I could happily listen to dog related things for hours, and I am! In the live online tutorials, I get to spend time with likeminded people. We also have a very lively WhatsApp group. It’s a two-year course, so I’ll be keeping you posted! First assignment due to be submitted in April…

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I’ve been feeding Zeke his new foods on a slow


I’ve done it🥳. I’m a COAPE Certified Animal Behaviourist, and

Winter Time

After two weeks of rain I’m very happy to have


I’d like to talk about the American XL Bully, if