I have news.

Happy news.

A friend passing through the area asked to stop off to say hello, we’d not seen each other in person since 2020. My friend had her five-month-old puppy with her, and so, we very carefully introduced him to Truly. It was a controlled introduction on neutral ground, with both dogs remaining on their leads.

Truly was beside herself with excitement. She absolutely came alive. So, as I always do, I developed a plan of action. In January I started my search. I had a long list of requirements, and if I was going to give up on my preference to adopt, I had to find a credible and authentic breeder. After a couple of false starts, at the end of January I found them.

Sadly, you know I unexpectedly lost Truly last month. For a time I did wonder about proceeding. I felt guilt, as if I was somehow being disloyal to Jake and Truly by appearing to ‘move on’ so quickly. And whilst it is happiness tinged with sadness, I’m so glad I proceeded.

Zeke is a black Lab, and he’s perfect. A real character, with a strong personality. Smart, observant and quick to learn, and so cute with it.

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