A glimpse of spring. Today it was still light after 5pm! Oh, the joy of more daylight and longer days. I know we have a cold snap or two ahead, and maybe some real winter weather, but I’d trade the dry for some extra daylight anytime.

If like me you’re already thinking about spring time, now is the time to think about your dog’s fitness. I’m sure you’ve not been ducking the dark mornings either, but if you can start adding ten mins of activity to your dog’s day, you and they will soon reap the benefits. It doesn’t need to be running around like a mad thing, but start adding a little more each day so that your dog builds fitness before you start those longer weekend stomps.

If you’re looking for some dog related activities to try, there are events across the country where you can participate and have a go, no matter how old you or your dog are there are activities for everyone.

If you want to view, or sample, different dog activities look out for taster days. There are big events where you can spend a whole day (or even two) with like minded people.Such as All About Dogs, Kennel Club events, and Dog Fest, or, look out for local charity dog shows near where you live.

NB In my own experience the stands at these big events should come with a warning, you will see so many new and novel things to buy for your dogs. Stick to your budget by taking cash, and don’t take your credit card!! You have been warned.

Enjoy 😊

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