Dogs and Children – Resources

In this week’s blog I thought I’d help promote Dogs Trust’s half term workshops, designed to help children understand how dogs communicate to improve safety between them.

If you don’t have a participating venue near you, I’ve also included below a link to Victoria Stilwell’s website. I love this site, lots of helpful reading material.

Dogs Trust

‘Free family half-term workshops from Dogs Trust’ are being held across the country during half term. Whether you have your own children, or they visit you, in my book taking time to teach children how dogs communicate is always a good idea.

You can find more information here, scroll to the bottom of their page and you will see a Dogs Trust email provided for you to provide your postcode and book into your local participating venue.

Victoria Stillwell’s campaign page has great in-depth Child/Dog Safety Guide with lots of helpful information on building safe and respectful relationships between dogs and children.

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