As I type this the wind is blowing the recycling containers across the patio, and the rain is lashing against the windows. But ever an optimist, I thought I’d talk today about the prospect of sunshine and holidays.

Having dogs means to me a holiday together. Finding places that not only ‘accept’ my dogs, but actively welcome them. Over the years we’ve stayed in some fantastic places in the UK.

Many beaches restrict access to dogs May to September but there are beaches that welcome dogs all year. You can search for dog friendly beaches here.

Finding a place to stay can be restrictive if you have more than one dog, and we definitely don’t fall into the “one small well behaved dog” category. However, there are plenty of holiday self-catering sites to search if you want to look for self-catering. You may be charged for additional cleaning, and/or expect to pay per dog per night too.

We tend to look for green camping venues as they’re generally more relaxed and in open spaces. We’ve always had a great welcome!

I’d also recommend checking for dog friendly pubs and cafes before you go, so you’re covered for all weather eventualities. As I found myself, if you’re in west Wales your phone signal may drop out, so a sense of where you’re heading and a paper map come in handy!

As you can see from the numerous pictures I’ve taken of my dogs, we love Wales for the dog friendly beaches. Out of school hols we often have the beach all to ourselves.

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