Animal Welfare Plan 2021

I listened to excerpts of the Queen’s speech, with a specific interest in the impact on animals, particularly dogs, that had been trailed in advance through the media.

You can read the whole speech here the section on animal welfare starts on page 131.

The document describes the purpose of the plan and legislation with regard to animal welfare is to:

  • Deliver on our commitment to the highest standards of animal welfare by bringing forward ambitious plans to improve standards and eradicate cruel practices through an Action Plan for Animal Welfare and legislation.
  • Take advantage of our status as an independent nation outside the EU to go further in protecting our animals, whether on the farm, at home or in the wild and address the challenges presented to the welfare of animals in both the domestic and international spheres.
  • Solidify and enhance our position as a global leader in protecting animal welfare by influencing practices and setting high standards for others across the world to follow.

Specific mentions for dogs include tackling of pet theft through the cross-Government taskforce; commercial third-party selling of pets; puppy smuggling; puppy farming; and, increase of maximum custodial sentences for animal cruelty offences from six months to five years.

Also mentioned was “bringing in more effective powers to tackle livestock worrying”. There have always been too many cases of off lead dogs chasing livestock, but this has sadly increased during the pandemic. All dogs should be on leads in areas near to livestock, it’s not difficult or complicated!

However, I am optimistic and hopeful that the respective dog welfare organisations will fully participate to drive this agenda forward.

If you’d like to read more about the welfare campaigns from  Dogs TrustRSPCA,  and  Blue Cross please click through to their respective websites.

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