Friends Visiting

In memory of Kei.

On Friday morning we had a visit from Robby, a beautiful Greyhound. We had time for a stroll, some snuggles, and a loaded Licki mat.

Robby lives near to us, so Jake and Truly have met him lots of times. Even so, I fitted the door gate to the kitchen door so they could sniff each other from a safe distance. I also supervised Robby in the garden, there are some brave neighbouring cats who often taunt Truly, sitting out of reach on the wall. I didn’t fancy their chances with Robby on patrol!

I took treats to build trust with Robby on our stroll, conscious I’ve not walked him before. We meandered around the park nearby. He gracefully stepped in pace beside me, it was relaxing to be walking with a calm dog.

I know Greyhounds to be gentle and quiet, and that’s how I’ve always seen Robby. In our one-to-one time, what surprised me most was how affectionate and playful he is too. At times he quietly placed his head on me gazing up for some fuss, and whenever he knocked the Licki mat off of Jake’s feeding stand, he’d look to me to pick it up again.

I’d definitely recommend a rescue Greyhound if you’re looking for a large affectionate family dog. You’ll need access to a safe place to exercise off lead. Hounds have a strong prey drive, so they aren’t recommended for homes with cats or small pets. Whilst they are fast, Greyhounds need less exercise than you think. I’ve heard them described as “40 mph couch potatoes”. Bless.

Robby is very welcome to visit us again.

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