What a difference springtime makes! Walking Jake and Truly in daylight, birds singing, the smell of cut grass, no mud or wet dog smell at home, and so much more time in the day.

Springtime although welcome, can also bring unwanted house guests… fleas and ticks.

Vet practices promote monthly payment plans that often include flea and worm treatments. Flea treatments and worming go hand in hand, this is due to the relationship between fleas and tapeworm (yuk!). Your vet will be able to explain this to you, but you can also read more here.

I want to take this opportunity to remind you that there are natural prevention products too. I’ve mentioned previously I tend to dilute cider vinegar with water and proactively spray myself, and Jake and Truly (carefully), when off out into the fields or woods. The smell doesn’t linger for long, or at least I don’t notice it 😊

The recipe I use is one from a natural medicine book that belonged to my Grandparents. They were homeopaths, and both lived until their late 90’s. Sadly, it’s only since they’ve both gone that I’m learning more about the lifestyle they advocated.

If natural prevention is something that you’d like to read about, there’s a great website I want to share with you here. The site has a shop with a wide range of products, fascinating blog with archive, and access to advice too.

Until next time


NB Being ‘natural’ doesn’t automatically mean ‘safe’. Our dogs have very different biology to us humans. Please always seek advice from a subject matter expert before treating your pet. If your pet is unwell, a trip to your Vet is where you can discuss treatment options.



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