Natural Foods

I’ve mentioned previously Jake and Truly eat a balanced raw/bone/veg/fruit diet.  Truly has some gut sensitivity (from her Husky x GSD heritage) and so consequently, I tend to buy dehydrated treats that are single novel protein and without added nasties.

Many people are still juggling lots at home during lockdown, and that includes keeping pets occupied with some tasty bribes during video calls… and I’m guessing that’s not just in my house 😉

Natural Treats in Bristol offer a great assortment, they deliver locally and ship nationally. Warning, readers of a sensitive disposition please don’t click on the link! There are some items I draw the line at, I can cope if the treats aren’t identifiable by body part…  but I really don’t want to observe Jake and Truly eating ears or feet.

If you’re also keen to understand what’s in your dog’s food, All About Dog Food is another site worth exploring. They analyse the ingredients and advise on nutritional rating, meat content, allergens, price, etc. Their Facebook page also gives you up to date feedback from other owners, including helpful suggestions.

If you change your dog’s food it should be phased gradually to avoid upsetting their digestive systems. Likewise, start with small amounts of new treats.  And of course, as Truly knows… treats should be calculated as part of their daily intake to avoid weight gain.

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