I have to admit to being a little bored of walking in our local area. I do my best to provide some variety for Jake and Truly, but it is all a bit ‘samey’. We like everyone else, are doing our best to prevent the spread of Covid, but long for a change in scenery.

After a dream about swimming in the sea (it was lovely), I woke up with an idea that I would let Jake and Truly lead the way on that morning’s walk. I was really intrigued where we would end up, and if we would even escape the end of the road and wee-mail corner!

On their leads throughout the walk, we started heading up the road in the usual direction, and we duly arrived at wee-mail corner. Instead of encouraging them to move on after a couple of minutes, I stood patiently waiting. It was interesting as both Jake and Truly kept making eye contact, checking-in to see if they needed to walk on. We were there about 5 mins or so, before Jake led the way up towards the fields.

In the fields instead of walking around the usual route, we zig zagged up and down, around and about (mostly in the mud) for about half an hour. At this point Truly started to lead us back toward the exit of the field, keen for breakfast no doubt.

At the exit of the field Jake stepped in again and off we went down a different route back home, it’s the route I take them on in the evenings when it’s dark. Truly trotted along and we followed the footpath up the road and the long(er) way home.

Aside from being a really nice change, it was lovely to see them freely sniffing. I remember someone (sorry I can’t recall whom) saying that sniffing is a canine-right. It’s how they make sense of their world, how they ‘see’ and communicate.

I also remember reading that they can smell with each nostril separately, and that the structure of their nose allows for the old air to exit at the same time they are breathing in new air and fresh smells. This means they can scent continuously. Amazing isn’t it?

I’ve decided going forward, it was a really positive and relaxing experience for all of us. Consequently, I’m going to be on less of a mission to get them exercising over the field. We’ll slow down and I’ll let them sniff more at their own pace.

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