Hot Hot Hot

Zeke isn’t familiar enough with the cool mat to use it yet, it’s something ‘new’ he needs to drag around, lick, and test with his teeth. Consequently, I wouldn’t leave one in his crate with him overnight.

Zeke had a towel wrapped hot water bottle on his first night here. So, when it’s been stuffy and hot overnight, I’ve been putting chilled water in it. Plus putting a hand towel in a bag in the freezer to wrap it in. Even a damp dog towel to lay on helps. I find it helps get him off to sleep, and when he wakes again it’s cooler outside for me to open the windows. Because he’s drinking more water, I find he’s asking to go out in the night and more often during the day too.

Much of the other advice for coping in hot weather is the same for people. Avoid going out in the hottest part of the day, keep curtains closed, open windows in the shaded side of the house. When I stayed with Jake and Truly in Manchester for part of the week, we were living in an apartment with no garden. Having to go out and about for a walk is manageable, but there are things to consider. PDSA have great advice here.

I’ve been giving Zeke homemade frozen treats, I’ve talked about these before. He will spend a while licking the frozen treat, which he enjoys. You can buy dog ice cream nowadays, but this isn’t something I want to start with Zeke. Many of the recipes I’ve seen are calorific, and at the moment I’d rather he gets his calories from nourishing puppy appropriate food. I won’t say never, but it’s not something I’d consider at the moment. Besides, he loves his raw frozen (stinky) sprats too much!

He also loves his paddling pool. I tried to get a bigger one for him, but unsurprisingly they are in demand. I tend to wait a couple of hours after his last meal, and when the back garden is in shade. He already knows what I’m going to do. I place his pool on the grass and he stands in it biting the water as it fills. Yes, I have sat in it. With a cup of peppermint tea no less 😊

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