Cooling Treats

After my ‘keeping cool’ blog I was asked about lollies and ice creams for dogs, and if I gave them to Jake and Truly.

Aside from the enjoyment factor, frozen treats can be a great way to top up your dog’s fluid intake in the hot weather. As we’re meant to be heading into another hot spell, I thought it might be timely to share.

I tend to customise recipes from different sources, always using ingredients suitable for dogs. PDSA have some helpful fruit and veg guidelines here .

Frozen Kong

Jake and Truly love their filled frozen Kongs. I mash a cooked sweet potato with a small amount of tuna, and smear inside their Kongs, and pop into the freezer overnight. I use tinned tuna in spring water, adding some of the water to the mashed sweet potato.

Another favourite is mashed banana (ripe is best) and a tablespoon of dog friendly peanut butter (xylitol, sugar and salt free). The original recipe includes plain yoghurt, but with Truly’s food constraints I don’t include. Again, pop into the freezer overnight.

When I take the Kongs out of the freezer, I leave at room temperature for 10-20 mins before handing them over. I also ensure their Kongs are scrubbed clean between uses with hot soapy water and a bottle brush.

Ice Lolly

For an apple and carrot based ice lolly recipe, Battersea Dogs Home have one here.

This recipe makes around 4 lollies. Throw out the apple core, as pips can be toxic for dogs. They also have a recipe for a cat lolly. To clarify, that’s a lolly for cats to enjoy!

Top tip, unless you want the ingredients spread across your flooring in the house (especially if it stains or is fishy) they are probably best enjoyed outside in the shade. If you have more than one dog, you may also want to supervise.

We’d love to hear recipes for keeping cool 😊

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